Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hey Guys,

The competition is finally over. After three of the most intense days of our lives we are pleased to say that Rescue A finished with a fantastic score of 1200- the highest English scoring team in rescue A. Rescue B came 16th - also the highest scoring English team in rescue B.

We are now exhausted and looking forward to coming home to see everyone. We haven't got much planned for the next two days just a trip 42 floors up the World Trade Centre to see some panoramic views of the City then hopefully some well deserved rest. We are disappointed with the weather as today has been the only sunny day and we are upset that there are hardly any shops for such a big city. But on the whole this has been an amazing trip and we have experienced plenty of culture.

Anyway, we are trying to upload some pictures for you all to see...

This will probably be our last blog now until we are back at school so see you all soon!

Love The Robot Girls xx


  1. Congratulations
    Highest scoring english team is fabulous so well done. Have a safe journey home.
    Best wishes,
    Mrs Lofthouse

  2. Belinda & Steve McGrady24 June 2012 at 11:25

    Wow ! Well done girls and Sir and Miss. We are all so proud of you back home in the finally sunny UK .
    Enjoy your last few hours in Mexico City and safe journey home.
    Lots of Love to all.
    Belinda and Steve McGrady xxx

  3. Well done girls enjoy your rest! Lets hope you get through customs OK on way back! Ms Murtagh X

  4. Well done to you all - we're all very proud of your achievements! have a safe journey home,
    Mr T LRB