Saturday, 16 June 2012

We have arrived!

Hey Guys,

Well, we arrived at long last! We very nearly didn't make it to Mexico... lets just say Mr O'Neill may have got himself a starring role in Nothing to Declare. Having been whisked away from the group for an hour for a search we only just made our transfer at Washington.

Very jet lagged today but looking forward to getting up fresh and ready to take on whatever Robocup brings to us this week.


The Robotics Girls x


  1. Hola!! Morning all - so glad Mr O made it through customs & hurrah for Mr Taylor & High Life. Good luck for today's competition, we are all thinking of you and everyone sends their very best wishes. Enjoy the sunshine and tortillas! Mrs Dixon x

  2. Hope all is well and that the day has been really exciting. It's 10.30pm here and still not dark - it's the longest night on the 21st (ask Mr O'Neill about the summer solstice!). Mrs D x

  3. Good luck, and don't forget to take some Mexican photos for the website ! All the best. Mr Flannery

  4. All the important people are in Mexico right now: the US president, the UK prime minister, the German chancellor, the Prenton Robotics girls ...... !!! Best wishes. Mr Flannery.

  5. Best of luck everyone! I hope you have recovered after the eventful journey and are enjoying the sunshine :) Miss Barrow

  6. Hope all is going well team. Can't wait to hear more about your trip, we're dying to know if you've replicated the minor miracle that is the England Football team.

  7. Hello All!
    Hope you've all recovered from your journey and that you're now in full on competition mode! I bet you're standing out from the crowds already and showing the world that Prenton really are the best!! Good luck!(And ENJOY!!!)x

  8. Hi everyone,
    Glad you've all arrived safely and that Mr O'Neil got through US Customs - eventually!
    Don't forget we need lots of great photos for High Life!
    Mr T in the LRB