Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hi Guys

We have all just finished our first day of the competition. Yestersay was the day we where able to practice on the courses and become comfortable in our surroundings. While waiting to be seated several group of boys from various different countries asked for our picture!

This morning we left the hotel at about 9:30 so we where well prepared for the day. Both teams had their first three runs today, each run improving massivly. We have all seen some truly amazing robots and some tough competition. It has been a long day full of ups and downs, however everyone is still looking forward to tommorow when the comptition begins to heat up.


The Robot Girls x


  1. Dear All,
    Very pleased to hear everyone is being so friendly!
    I hope the rest of the runs keep improving for you.
    Good luck and best wishes.
    Mrs Lofthouse

  2. Hi Girls,
    Glad you are enjoying the experience, I hope you are focusing on the robots though and not the boys!! Good Luck for tomorrow XX
    Molly's Mum

  3. HI Girls, all sounds very good. Is there any chance of putting some pictures of the robots on the blog?

  4. Hello girls and Mr O and Ms H - hope the runs went well and continue to improve? Let us know how you're getting on. Have seen the pic of you all with the Echo, you look fab!
    Best of luck from us all,
    Mrs D x